Another WHISPER comes to an end.  I hosted this on UKScrapper, with 15 players over 6 months thats a mega 90 LO's to check out!!  Drum roll please..........and in no particular order...

FRANCES; Chrissie, Rosie
Gemma, Ally & Maggie

JO, Jules, Caz
Frances, Chrissie & Rosie

JULES, Caz, Frances
Chrissie, Rosie &Gemma

LOU (aka me), Jo, Jules
Caz, Frances & Chrissie

LYNN, Alison, Sonia
Lou, Jo & Jules

MAGGIE, Pauline, Cynthia
Lynn, Alison & Sonia

PAULINE, Cynthia, Lynn
Alison, Sonia & Lou

ROSIE, Gemma, Ally
Maggie, Pauline & Cynthia

SONIA, Lou, Jo
Jules, Caz & Frances

ALISON, Sonia, Lou
Jo, Jules & Caz

CHRISSIE, Rosie, Gemma
Ally, Maggie & Pauline

ALLY, Maggie, Pauline
Cynthia, Lynn & Alison

CAZ, Frances, Chrissie
Rosie, Gemma & Ally

CYNTHIA, Lynn, Alison
Sonia, Lou & Lou(standing in for Jo!)

GEMMA, Ally, Maggie
Pauline, Cynthia & Lynn

Hope you've enjoyed seeing how all these fabulous WHISPERS developed over the 6 months.

Thanks to everyone for taking part.



  1. Really enjoyed seeing how the LO's changed as they got "whispered", some of them have similarities whilst others were completely transformed.
    Thanks for being a great host, Lou.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this whisper. I know Maggie enjoyed seeing how my grand daughter featured in the whispered layouts. Interesting to see how some have similar features but then others are nothing like their received layouts ... but then the similar features are shown again on another one further down the line.

    Its a shame that you arent continuing but I for one, do appreciate all the hard work Lou you put into this CJ - and if people do want to join me, I hope I can carry the whisper on.