Sunday, 25 November 2012


Sunday 13th January

Today saw our first snow fall of the year.  Thought it was time I started to record my makes and other thoughts here in cyber world.  Bear with me while I get the hang of it all.

I've started Storytelling Sundays  thanks to PAM aka Wombat and her Facebook posting, so watch out my first story of 2013 will be here soon.

Swaps 2013

Yes, I am a bit of a swap junkie, they tend to push my creativity to the limits.

What started out as a Collaged POSITIVE Affirmation Swap on UKscrappers grew to include "Alternative" Affirmations.
So my take on the POSITIVE:

My take on the ALTERNATIVE :

A Great way to start 2013!

Next on the agenda is an Altered Mouse Trap......

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  1. These are fab Lou. Im hoping to get mine done at my crop next weekend